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Dao phay nhôm Dress

Nhà sản xuất: Dress

Xuất xứ: nhập khẩu từ Đức

Sản phẩm chuyên dụng dành cho NHÔM

For more than 40 years Dress Werkzeuge has been a highly productive supplier of precision cutting tools. With its roots in Swabia, our family business traditionally stands for quality and reliability. Our products are designed for demanding use in the metal, aluminium and plastic processing industries and meet highest requirements. Dress Werkzeuge guarantee a long usage life at consistently accurate precision.

We deliver for specialized trade and also for industrial users in areas such as:

  • Automotive industry
  • Machine building
  • Steelmaking and steel treatment


dao phay nhôm dressFor many years we have specialized in single flute cutters for high speed routers, (minimum 12.000 r.p.m.) mainly for aluminium and PVC windows and shopfronts. We sell these special cutters worldwide. Therefore a lot of famous manufacturers of copy routers and machining centres belong to our satisfied customers.

When using the single flute cutters, the machine manufacturer’s instructions should be precisely followed. Direct and adequate cooling spray is particularly important, otherwise the cutters overheat. The tool carrier (collet) has to run round perfectly

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